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Friday, 29-Feb-2008 23:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fuad's 6th Birthday

Japanese Cheese Cake
A Bouquet of Roses
That lovely love shape cake, is made by laili.
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Check out my Website for detail story of this.

By the way , I only made that two cakes, the other lovely love shape cake is made by Laili. She made a scrumptious Sarang Semut Cake.

All photos are taken by me, except from the third till eighth photos are taken professionally by Kyrell and the ninth photo is taken by Maria.

More Photos on the event can seen here

Thanks for the comments guys

Sunday, 18-Feb-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Faschings 2007

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On 18th Feb I went to a Faschingsumzug (a carnival), at a quite small town. But it was a very lively event . I guess the budget for each car's parade not so high. Nevertheless I'm still impressed with some of it. Using their creativity to the fullest with a limited budget was not that easy. I never participate in any parade before but I was once responsible
for decorating a backdrop for an event, so i knew how much works have to be done even for tiny little thing.

I didn't wear any costume, but if i'm going to wear any, I'll probably wear wizard's outfit like gandalf, or at the very least , an elf's ear, like Legolas. I've actually found that accesories, but it's look to me more like an orc's ear. It would be really fun if any otaku attend the event, so I could see someone disguise as naruto or ichigo.

Sunday, 11-Feb-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ski Trip

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During last winter break, I went skiing with the others for the first time. It was really fun but my feet hurted so bad. Near before it end, I was finally allowed to try ski at higher slope, climbing using that device thingy. I somehow convinced the instructer after showing him that I can control my movement, by ignoring my pain of course ^^. I skied there twice, but when the instructer asked me for the third time, I could barely stand on my feet anymore. So I said I need to stop. Skiing is more difficult that I expected, but since i already went ice skating a few times before, somehow its helps a little.

Thursday, 18-Jan-2007 20:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Today I went to see my doctor again, a skin specialist . Two days ago some sort of test was 'glued' to my back. It was an A4 size plaster, the biggest and the longest so far (I'm not allowed to take a bath for 2 days because of that thing, luckily it's winter, so i'm not really in dire need for it ) Am I being a typical m'sian , with the 'biggest' and 'longest' thingy ^^, hmm...

But it seem the test was not enough, so today I took a blood test. The purpose is to find anything that i'm allergic at. Result for the first test is, that I'm allergic to quicksilver, but it is not likely the source of my skin problem. Hence the blood test.

I purposely walk on the way back to feel kyrill's presents. (it still late afternoon or early evening, depends on how you looks at it) Fortunely Kyrill didn't effect us in Augsburg directly (The worst is yet to come, so I'm not sure myself right now). But the wind was strong enough to make me stop walking and even push me back a little, wearing muffler really add an amount of dramatic effect ^^. I stopped at several stores but it was almost empty ('Sale' sign seems to pronouce as 'come in' to me ^^ ). In Esprit and Puma stores, i was the only one there. I bought a pair of winter boot at Puma Store, though I don't know If it's ever going to be snowing at all. No wonder Doomsday Clock was moved two minutes closer to midnight. I looked clumsy carrying shopping bag while others are rushing back home. Don't blame me for living 5-minutes walking distance from both stores . Well hopefully our coming ski-trip that being postponed last december will not be cancelled. Till today I was selffishly hoping for it not to snow, since I can't find any winter shoes that I like at a reasonable price. There's a nike boot that I like that costs 100€ but it was 40% cheaper during last summer. That's why I'm quite hesitant to buy it. And there's another puam's shoes that I like, but it use leather for it's stripes . By the looks of it, most probably from pigskin. But i'm not sure, either is the worker there. But today maybe because we're practically skipped winter this year, a selection of boots are on sale. I got 50% off from my boots. I guess it's worth waiting for the right one. Looks like I have to forgone my dessert till end of month, Ihle new selection of krapfen are really irresistable, there's at least 8 types to choose from, though half of the choices contains alcohol, so ask first before you buy. And while I'm at it, If you like Ihle's bread or pastry, after 7 pm , it's 50% off . Well I think it starts at 7pm, but to be safe , come at 7:30pm, happy hour is definitely already started by that time. But I don't know for how long and only at Filialle am Kö, I don't know about others.

With today's entry without a picture, I'm officially making this fotopages as my temporary blog. Maybe during holiday next month, I'll try to find a new server for my website. It's already down for almost a year now I think. And good luck to everyone who's having exam right now. Aja aja fighting ! (forgive me for being cliche, but after finish watching Full House a few weeks ago, I can't resist to use that phrase ^^)

P/s, I just read there is at least 5 people become victim of Hurricane "Kyrill" in Germany. And it does actually effect Augsburg directly, or at least at Augsburg surrounding (Landkreis Augsburg) where a 73-years old man was crushed by a barn's door . Source : Wetter.de. I definitely need to buy a newspaper tomorrow since I don't own a tv anymore.

Saturday, 13-Jan-2007 07:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sky Crawler


It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a superman. Wait a minute ! It IS a flock of birds.

All fotos are taken by Haq while playing around with his new 'manual' lens, I might as well turn this fotopages to his, since all I do lately is 'steal' his pictures.

I kinda envy him cause this pictures is taken from his apartment's window, and all I can see from my window is just another building, or to be exact an office. Now I need to close my curtain all the time, or at least the see-through one since I can always see someone working there. (I use the typikal-2 layer-malaysian-types curtain, which I guess not so typical in here. I bought the textiles seperatedly, and hang it just using some clips which is actually made for hanging curtain, so I don't need sew it ). The building actually vacant till last few weeks, well that's the down side for living in the center of the city. Hopefully walking distance to most of the big stores in the city is worth it.

Back to the pictures above , I posted it here cause I enjoy the view as much as I enjoy firework, Well it is, kind of a nature version of firework, cause the birds are gliding around in unpattern motion, swirling as if immitating the wind, scattering as if predicting some kind of danger ahead. Too bad the 'show' last only for 10 minutes, I should have video'ed it, so i can watch it over and over again.

Speakin of which, i haven't sorted out my fotos from new year's celebration. I took almost 200 hundreds fotos although only a fews firework are nicely captured. Well with my skill, what can I expect. Maybe I'll post some of it later.

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